Whether you’re looking to repair, maintain, or replace your existing parking lot or private roadway, Anchor Paving can help. We offer specialized services for industrial property owners to help them maintain their existing lot and hold off expensive replacement.

Unrepaired potholes will chip away and become more severe pavement issues. This will expose you to serious liability as potholes are trip hazards to tenants, customers, and employees. Failed areas or liability issues on your parking lots and roadways are important concerns which we can help you address in a cost effective manner. We at Anchor Paving are experts in big jobs and can handle the demands that you should expect from an industrial paving contractor.


Anchor Paving has a large crew that can get the job done fast.


We always have the latest equipment and use the newest techniques.


With over 45 years of experience you can rest assured we will get it done time after time.


Our company prides itself on getting the job done right and on schedule.

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